Bumpy Elsinore Day 9/2


Lots of fun though! Came in to LZ fast and low after scratching. Like i would do on my PG. Smokenjoe had some good advice to box the LZ and set it up slightly more for HG. Makes sense.

Camera doesn't really do the bumpiness on approach any justice here.



...pretty gosh darned bumpy. Glad I went to the theatre with my wife this afternoon instead of flying.

Can't fool us!!! your camera mount was loose :)  just kidding, that did look really bummpy.... this could be a new nickname for you, AKA (Bronco Nate)


i've gotten more injured being bucked off a horse than i ever have flying (3 years, not a scratch). The horse i was on spooked because of another horse (some of them spook almost randomly sometimes) and after some rodeo action, sent me about 8 feet in the air upside down with a fence nearby. Anyway i do not particularly like them

i would have simply flared earlier if 1) i knew i didn't have wheels or if 2) I knew i was over something too rough for them. Wheels will not save anyone over a lot of that field but i was over a patch that was nice enough and mostly crosswind so decided to sort of flare late and let the rubber hit the road. Seemed like a reasonable way to finish it off.

thanks DHG i will fly safe :)


here are some fun examples of me letting go so i don't sprain, dislocate or break something. Both were flights June 2016 upon returning to flying after a road bike crash\concussion. No other examples since then.