Visiting pilot form the Netherlands


Hi guys,

I am Peter from the Netherlands. I will be in Los Angeles for a few days for work and I am planning to extent my stay to do some flying from Marshall oe Crestline. I hope to fly on 21 and 22 september. I bring my wing, an Aircross U Prime and I have a P4 rating. I hope there is someone available and willing to give me some site info and tell me where to fly. All info is welcome!

Kind regards,


It will be nice having you over Peter.

Since you have a P4 rating, you do not need formal instruction or coaching, but it is always good to hear the do's and don't from locals. And there should be other pilots around if conditions are good. Just sign the club waiver (form available at the LZ), pay daily dues and you can head up to launch after reading the safety info at the clubhouse. If you have specific questions, here is the list of available paragliding schools operating at the site.

More info on Site Protocols and Etiquette.

HI Jerome,

Thanks for the info. When the weather looks good I will go the clubhouse to see who's there. Do I need to join the USHPA for an affiliate membership? I need an instructor for that. Or is the clubwafer enough?



Hi Tom,

Sorry but I can't find a way to get a USHPA 30 days membership online. According to the website you can only get such membership via an instructor or a club chapter.

How does it work?

Regards, Peter