Friday Report


Came out to test fly my new-to-me Sport 2 155. Went up on the 2PM McBus and launched last and alone at 3:35PM. Very quickly got to 7300' above Top Town Crestline then flew to Running Springs. There was some fairly severe turbulence along the way so I turned back near the water treatment plant. As I returned I could see the monsoonal clouds form rain clouds. It was raining down to the South and a gust front was scooting along toward SBD airport so I brought it down quick with the aid of my drogue after 1:44hrs. Soon afterward it began to rain gliders but it never rained rain and the gustfront never reached us then it all cleared out. Go figure?
There was a beautiful sunset and a rainbow with some juvenile pilots posing in nasty ways in front of the rainbow. Kathy, you should know better than the encourage this conduct. Now let's see those silly photos :-D 



i bailed at 6,800 due to the dark cloud building and a climb rate of 2 to 400 without even trying to climb :) flew out front for 30 minutes in a mixing bowl... up 500fpm down 500 fpm hahahahaaa  good moonwalk landing into a SSW @19.

I hit a couple areas of sink that would have given the Tidy Bowl man a flushing sound he'd remember through a few sitcoms. It was a reminder how on high days the thermals can be pretty far apart and the Krakken is waiting to drag us down to Davy Jones' Locker or at least to the Arrowhead Springs Resort. Maybe we should rename the resort?  

I think it's named that because sometimes you sink so fast there you think you're going to bounce.