Marshall to Hangar 24 09/22/2017


Yesterday I had a best PG flight so far. As weather forecast was in favor of nice flight, so I decided with my friend to try first time ever XC from Marshall to Hangar 24. Unfortunately my buddy decided to stay around Marshall area. After bumpy start at Marshall, around 2:30 p.m. I was able to gain some altitude above Marshall and made decision to go for it. Never flew this way before (towards to Arrowhead peak), so it was exciting and scary in same time :-). I was able to continue all the way to Hangar 24. Few times I wasn't sure where to look for a new thermal but eventually got lucky enough to keep going.

Here is flight track.

Thanks Jerome all advise.


Good job. Your flying site just got bigger!

I like how you had comfortable altitude in reaching each peak (typical thermal release point), and it was good you flew before it was predicted to get windier.

Keep having fun Michal.

I can thank to you Jerome for encouragement in LZ before flight. I knew, when you said weather is good , and it is possible to do that flight, I will try. And I did.

I is amazing how much more freedom one has, when it leaves well-known area. I flew with birds, almost touched a cloud and saw top of the mountains I would not hike ever in my life. This 3D sport is definitely highly addictive :-).