Saturday 9/23/17 The 750


Late afternoon switch from steady north to strong WSW. Easy climb from the 750 at 16:35 up the windward faces with a Falcon 4 195. Some thermals holding together, vario reported WSW 21-29 but that high-end is too high; I WAS able to be stationary pointed WSW though. Catching the late thermal to 6,100 MSL (chilly!) was an unexpected surprise. Cloudbase (a wispy) was several hundred feet higher and the reported wind was down to W 19. Clouds were drifting from the North. Very bumpy 1k AGL near the LZ but smooth on approach. Landed at 17:30. Had the sky to myself but there were two PG's ground handling at AJX. Thanks for the ride back up to get my truck, Kathy Rhodes!

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