Saturday 2017/9/30 Fun day


A good turnout of pilots today.

I launched Marshall at 3:30pm under some cloudiness and got a bit higher than the forecast, then did the usual triangle to include Crestline and Pine Flats, to return for a touch & go on Marshall then cruising around some more. Total of 2.5 hours and reached 6k.

Weird part of the flight was around 4:30 pm, when I got a strong and rough climb at Billlboard, then the air became glassy smooth until I left the area 15 min later.

Flight Animation by Doarama.

The free pizza in the LZ dissapeared quickly. Thank you!

Also, a big thank you for Jimmy, Michal and Gaston who worked on the Marshall weather station. Greatly appreciated guys.

Yeaj, I launched Marshall at 2:30 and the first thermal took me to 7,000 MSL! From the soaring predictory I'd thought I'd be luck to get much above 4k.  Very strong cores and a bit sinkier than usual when not in lift.  Those who got much below Marshall were generally ending up down near the LZ pretty quickly.  Pilots who went east and west from the Crestline ridge reported getting pretty low between thermals. With the F4 195 I was flying I had a pretty slow crossing from the 18/138 Interchange to Crestline in a strong headwind.  Made it fine but didn't hit any thermals until Billboard.

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