Elsinore Fire 10/26/17+


There is a brush fire just south of the (south) Towers at Lake Elsinore.  Supposedly started by a motorcycle accident, today.  It's over 100 acres and burning black (free burning) smoke so it may be an issue for a few days (+).  I have not looked for a TFR yet, but I presume the fire and CDF aerial activity are within 5 miles of the E and Edwards launch.  Please check for TFRs before flying Elsinore in the next few days or this weekend.  From the forecast, it does not look like you will miss any epic flying anyway.

See you in the air, Alan 


news article:   https://patch.com/california/murrieta/s/g9kxd/wildomar-fire-evacuations-...

NOTAM (TFR):  http://tfr.faa.gov/save_pages/detail_7_3659.html

I spotted it from Crestline launch and watched it from the air for 3-1/2 hours. At some points it looked like a nuke going off.

The TFR has expanded since yesterday from a 3 mile to 5 mile radius:

Check the site for updates, Alan's link is now outdated.

Aaaaaand its back to 3 nautical miles as of Friday afternoon:

Looks like progress.



forecast is North tomororrow (Saturday 10/28), but maybe Marshall will be ok?

ie. forecast was North today but looks reasonably launchable at the moment...

maybe my weekend will be ok after all :)


Watching the distant smoke from Canyon Lake, it looks like the Fire has been cycling from almost being out or under control (relatively little white smoke) to fully raging black smoke (indicating lots of carbon based fuel sources are burning).  I suppose it is possible the Fire and TFR could clear by tomorrow or Sunday but I would plan on alternate sites first.  Or Nate you could add an alternate wing like this one to your Bag:


i'm sorry, i mis-spelled that. i meant "my retirement plane"

should be nice, do some real XC. maybe take the PG in the passenger seat which would otherwise be empty...