Calling 911 for AJX Emergency


When calling 911 to request paramedics come to our LZ please give the 911 dispatcher the following address:
6191 Ben Canyon Rd. San Bernardino.

In case you don't have it and are near the shade structure, it's listed on the board. The good news is that if you are in the middle of the LZ and can't read your contacts or get to the board quickly just tell them:
"Andy Jackson Airpark on Ben Canyon Rd."

It's listed in their frequent destinations so they will find it. Ben Canyon Road is only 1/4 mile or so long. The address is actually the intersection of Ben Canyon and Badger Canyon Roads which has a sign pointing to the LZ. If there's a crime in progress we may need to use the postal address of 5500 Ben Canyon Road rather than the intersection. This should be on the board as well. When time is critical and cell signals are poor it helps to have just enough to get them close enough so someone can guide them to the scene.

If I have any of this incorrect, please edit my post. Yesterday a pilot impacted pretty hard and I could see they were injured from a distance. Luckily they were able to yell out, "Call 911" which told me they were conscious so I stood were I had a signal to make the call as other ran up to assist with glider and harness. Sure enough, my signal cut out during the call but not before the dispatcher had a vehicle en route.

If you fly at multiple sites it may be worth having all the LZ addresses in one contact file. Sylmar for instance has an address but it's not listed on Google Maps. You have to know where to find it. I don't even know what address to give for Elsinore Oak Tree. It may sound nerdy to dwell on these things but I think a pilot with a broken limb will probably forgive you just this once.

In a really severe situation when there's no cell service, consider activating the pilot's satellite tracker SOS or even your own in case the injured pilot does not have one. It's a lot faster to call 911 than use a beacon but if the beacon is activated and you leave the site and move to a location with a good signal, this may help insure timely response. I'm sure there have been better things written but this topic hasn't come up in a long time.