Floating It In. Marshall Peak, 12/31/2017


Flying New Years Eve afternoon 2017.  The lift was tapering off and I was ready to land my hang glder after an hour of fun focus. Kinda scenic soaring with the paraglider gaggle while waiting for my opening. (turn sound on)



Launched my UltraSport 166 from the lower SW launch into light west around 14:40 after waiting out an odd 80° cross-from-the-right cycle. Lift was on the east side of the main spine. Flopped around close to the hill for about five minutes before getting above 4,050 MSL. Easier climb after that. Worked up and down for a while then went to Cloud Peak area and Regionals. Had to work the light cores carefully. Spent a while hundreds of feet below and SW of Regionals. Had a promised bail-out ride back to Marshall if I sank out so I didn't get tense about having to fly back up to Marshall, but I really wanted to. Got a decent climb to about 4k NW of Regoinals so I went back to Cloud and got 4,400, enough to have a chance once I got back to Marshall. Got there just below 4k and was in it with three or four PGs trying to stay up and/or get above. A slow core took a couple of us to 500 over and I hung out to the north waiting for a post-thermal cycle to land in. A PG top landed toward the back where I do my ground skim. I had plenty of altitude and he gathered his wing up quickly. Doing my pre-approach circle a PG came around looking like was thinking about landing. Once he clearly wasn't I dove it on in. A few minutes later he did top land and so did Mitch. Thought I was right at the hour mark for the third day in a row but I'd forgotten the four or five minutes on launch waitiing for the crosswind cycle to end, so I got 55 minutes of (satisfying) airtime.