Saturday, Jan 6, 2018, Crestline


High overcast, pre-pre-frontal 10-18SW at launch, worjacket setting up. Gloves and jacket in the air were great. Better thermals than I'd expected. Launched the T2C 154C from Crestline at 12:54. Got up at BB and lost like 200 feet on the way to Pine. Got up to 6,600+ at Pine working a thermal that was slowing down. Got up again and went back to BB then launch then straight out to RGNLS on a speed run.

Got up and buzzed Marshall launch then thermalled right out and went back to CRS. From BB I boated out to the Afterbay and lingered S of it seeing if there was any lift. Last Chance then 750 and a couple of wingovers, thinking about landing.

There was a nice moderate core right there and I ended up topping out Cloud Peak with it so I buzzed Marshall again (top this time) and went S to Badger Hill and turned right for the LZ. No wind, limp flags so I worked light lift W of the parking lot until the flags showed some life. Dove it in and had a good landing into steady SW 5 near the HG cone. VG was still 1/4 for no-wind. Flare was effective :)

Lots of pilots out. Joe Greblo, Ken, Noel, and other Sylmar crew were out, so that was fun. A pilot was landing his U2 and his basetube caught the grass while he was still prone. He swung through and the nose touched slowly. RT downtube bent, he tore or broke something in his left shoulder as he didn't let go of the downtube. He was sitting there a bit dazed but not in visible agony. We broke his glider down and Kathy R. and others took him to the emergency room.