2018 BOD Election

I set up an online election for this year's club election. Hopefully it works.

Links to the election site will be sent out on Monday the 15th to the email address you provided on your membership signup or renewal form. If that email is dead, send an email to  crestlinesoaringpresident@gmail.com with the old email and the new one you'd like the link sent to.

Unfortunately, Dave Aldrich notified me yesterday he would be unable to continue on as Safety Director. There isnt enough time to field another candidate, so Dave is still on the ballot. If you or a pilot you know might be interested in taking on this position, please let me know. There are projects waiting for you!

Site intro video, Site hazard and layout map, annual chapter renewal risk assessment review, to name a few. If youre an IT person, theres a computer and monitor in the box that needs an OS on it so we can place a monitor and kb outside outside the container to run the intro video and provide internet access and weather info to members and visitors.

Or, if one of these projects looks like something you can tackle, let me know. The intro video could be a fun project for a small group.

Dan DeWeese