Thursday <strike>Wednesday</strike> 1/11/2018 Fly day


Though scheduled to blow down, it blew in on this bright, sunny, wonderful shirtsleeve temperature day. Mark Hoffman and I took advantage of this failure in the forecast to launch Marshall, since Crestline couldn't make up its mind which way it wanted to blow.

I launched first in the mighty F2 225, and boated about around Marshall, almost staying up.  Then Mark launched, and I left for Cloud.  After playing in some zero sink at Cloud, I found a thermal, which got stronger as I got higher, until I got to 4400, where it bumped into what I guess was the top of the inversion.  So I went back to Marshall, which didn't pay off, so back to Cloud, and an extended search pattern and occasional zero sink fest down the spine.

Thirty-ish minutes, all good fun, not a bump in a carload.  Found a couple of Canadians at the bottom who had apparently flown while we were driving up.

Jeremy made a late day appearance and was jazzed because he did two full stalls.

Wonderful temperatures, light winds, sorry more people couldn't take advantage of the day.

And after we landed there was a HUGE flock of seagulls over Marshall Peak trying to thermall out. They must have spotted Tim thermalling over Cloud Peak and decided they would give it a go... I think they all ended up top landing because i did not see them fly away :)

1/11/18 is Thursday. Glad everyone got sum. Thanks again for driving the ranger for me on the Big-O Loop Wednesday, Tim.