Cloud Day 101 primer post


With high adventure / Rebar Dan (AKA cloud slicer) / Jerome's group of 3 / Steve R, Gene Embre / Stephen and 2 students.... more than enough lift in areas to start re-thinking about flying around the clouds :) mulit-level cloud layers with heavy low lying clouds to the west with a west push. Base looked to be 4,800 feet. Higher thin cloud layer to the East of Marshall with some small clouds drifting from the south.... lots of climbs up the SE facing bowls with thermalls heading to the NW. some good mixing going on at around 4,900 feet. Mostly SW winds in the LZ

Ok Dan And Jerome, take it from here>>>


It doesnt set up very often, but when it does like it did yesterday, gotta be the funnest site flying there is.  Windy mid 20s to 30. Small clouds drifting up from the canyon and all swirly and expanding. Fly fast from above and chop through, turn around and reslice. Glider shadows and glory rainbows on the cloud walls. Cloud pillars a little later as it built up eventually decked in and ended the game. wow.