2018-02-03 Board Meeting Minutes



DATE: Feb 3,  2018    10:00  -  11:15 AM     

Presented by Kevin Greene - secretary to the board.

A scheduled meeting of the board of directors was held on the above date. 

Roll Call:

The following officers were present

Dan Deweese

Dave Hards

Tim Ward

Kevin Williams


New Items:

Results of the 2018 board member / officer elections were reviewed, received and filed.

The following will be members of the board for calendar year 2018:

President - Dan Deweese

Vice President - Steve Nowak

Treasurer - Kevin Williams

Site Coordinator - Tim Ward

Coomunications Director - Dave Hard

Events Coordinator - Ignasio Peresson

Safety Director - Dave Aldrich

Dave Aldrich who was present for the meeting withdrew from the position and after discussion the motion was made and carried that Dave Hard would handle the responsibilities of safety director until someone else could be recruited.

Kevin Greene resigned from the position of officer and secretary but will continue handling these duties strickly as a non - voting ,  non officer volunteer.

Shade structure maintenance & remodel.

.Tim ward spoke briefly on plans to paint the shade structure and update the info displays.   This is an ongoing project.

Annual USHPA Chapter Filing.

Dan Deweese will show Kevin Greene how to file to annual chapter renewal documents.

Former Girl Scout Camp

Dan Deweese proposed that we invest several hundred dollars in filing fees in the persuit of gaining access / use of this county owned property.  The motion passed.

Wind damaged picnic tables

A motion was proposed and carried to have Tim Ward source two replacement tables.

Local Airport Flying Festivals

A discussion took place on the merits of doing community outreach at airshows as a replacement of the annual toy drive.


Pending / previous issues:

Pond water metering.    Tim Ward will try to get the irrigation controller to report volume usage


Warning signs for spectators.....Dave Aldrich is going to order the signs to be paid for with Dan's CSS credit card.


Rob McKenzie’s red dot page is now on the CSS web site and will be maintained by CSS.org going forward.


More HG tie downs at AJX.   Kevin G  and Dan D

Director’s and Officer’s Liability Insurance.

       Kevin Greene was asked to obtain a bid from EIB for board coverage and report back to the board.

Powerlines..... detachable arresting cable with visability balls. ..........Dan,   Kevin  G..............   pending a break in the hot weather.

Site aerial map development.....pending..........

Site intro video with him hazards identified and site rules / protocols.....pending.....

Shade structure piles of equipment.   K Greene to supply / install gear hammocks.

.Tim Ward was encouraged to propose a small budget for reimbursement of various small parts costs incurred by him in organizing shelves wall and tool hangers in the CSS storage container.