Attaching Images to a Forum Topic

There are several 'select media' links at the bottom of the Forum Topic creation form (NOT in the comments form) that allow one to easily add images files to the new topic.  These images will appear below the body of your new topic's text, one after the other; you can't add captions or other text after them, but they're quick and easy to use. One can right-click the image (or Mac equivalent) and choose 'view image' to see the full-size version.

The Add Media and Embed Media buttons in the editor menu bar are the way to add images or embed videos (both unlimited) when you want to have captions or more text below and between them and you want to control formatting. See also Tip: Embed Videos & Upload Images.

Typical aprés vol scene at the AJX LZ.

The image above was added using the menu bar buttons. The image is in a two-column, one-row table to get the caption to the side like that. The images below were added with the Select Media links. There is also a link to a PDF file that was added via Select Media - you can attach several common file types.