Marshall 1-25-14 UPOD...

About 20 pilots out for a day of "I don't care it's warm & tee shirt weather, lets see what Happens".

Under Promised & Over Delivered did happen today. Flight times of 30 mins. to almost 3 hrs. was had. Altitude gains were in the 5 K range for many, with several hitting 8600 msl.

Our very own Russ & Jim B. hit the mark & were Sky Kings for the day.The rest were quite satisfied with the days flying. Several tandem flights & a number of visiting pilots were with us as well. Those in shorts were mostly visiting pilots how ever some locals donned them as well. 

Red Tarps on the hill side. A Speed Course Run has been set up on our  local flying site. They are not downed PG's , but a course set up for all to enjoy. Inquire at the LZ for more details.

We heard they had a great day at Soboba today as well. We need to get over there Soon....

Elsinore looked like it could work also???

A very nice spread of grilled goodies were offered up to all that remained afterwards by Kathy Rhoades & company.

We may just get lucky with one more day of this? Bring a dish & join the Pot Luck for Sunday , if it happens.