2014 CSS Fly Ins

We are having 3 Fly Ins this year so please spread the word save the dates.

This will be a Pot Luck Family fun day that will include a possible "Air Relay Course" with trophies presented.

The pot luck guide lines are bring any dish you like, not a desert, and it needs to be large enough for your family. CSS will provide the desserts.

Memebership renewals are due that day so make sure you renew!

2nd: July 12th - CSS Anniversary Fly In.

3rd: Sept 6th - AJX Memorial Fly In.

More info will be posted later.

Unfortunately Owen will be out of town working this coming weekend. He has offered up the very popular Slip & Slide equipment for use. It is stored on the ranch and is looking for a few people to help set it up on Saturday morning & then take down late Saturday or Sunday Morning.

If you could help with this please let us know. 2-3 people should be able to set it up rather quickly I have been told.


Slide Safely!

I'll be there early.  I'll try to drag my son out, as well.

Said he would come out early Saturday to help setup Slip & Slide. He is bringing out the grand children for a day of fun. Sounds like there is a plan.  

Thanks All!

The propane tanks have been filled for anyone that wants to bring something that needs to be GRILLED!

"But wait, theres more". We have a new order of CSS tee shirts for your pleasure.

Tan, Ash, Yellow & Green are in stock!

You may also renew your yearly CSS membership this weekend also. 

James will be available for those that have expired!

Current USHPA membership needs to be taken care of for that to Happen.

As of today, a new record for CSS membership: 269 Full & Pro rated Members!

"Thank You All" that help support the Crestline Soaring Society!"

Fly Safe!

Is there going to be a raffle at this fly in and if so who is the contact for donating items? Thanks, Alan

Thanks, I found out there is no raffle this time. We will just have to enjoy our chances of finding the rewards of lift