PTZ Cam Is Up at Crestline

Images now "live" at:

Dan DeWeese and Ken Howells climbed the weather station tower this morning and got the PTZ cam mounted and even got the cables plugged together firmly.

Below are views of Crestline launch and Marshall/Cloud/Regionals around 7 PM 8/9/14 viewed from the CSS PTZ cam.


Just wondering, how do you access it on the web? Is there an address to punch in so I can watch in real time? Thanks for any information.

The old server-side scripts aren't working on the new webserver. I'll have to poke around some more to see where the problem is.

Don't know what we'd do without you. Hope you're gettin' some yin to go with your yang

It's all Dark ?

That's because it's night-time DUMMY !!

OH YEA , OK ; i get it now !!



Thanks again. Forgot about the three hour time difference so I got to view the lights of San Bernardino.