Andy Jackson Memorial Fly-In September 6th.,2014

This is just a reminder that we will be having our annual fly-in in September. Good weather has been ordered with the fall flying being some of the best air of the year. Come join your friends and other pilots for a day of activities. The Pond will be in full use with the new additions up there. Owen has promised the Pond will be a highlight for the event with music & an evening sunset swim second to none, while basking in the dusk after hour. 

This event is a Family picnic style Pot Luck flyin. We will have several BBQ grills and a Smoker available for use starting at 4:00 PM.

We encourage everyone to bring condiments such as chips and salsa, pretzels etc and a main dish that would feed around 10 people such as Chili, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Brauts or whatever you feel like putting on the BBQ.

We also need casserole dishes such as Mac & Cheese and Rice dishes etc.  Salads such as Fruit, Macaroni, Potato or tossed green are also needed and finally Desserts of any type!

Water and sodas will be available.



Wanted: Weed whacker gas powered margaritta mixer for special event! Willing to rent, pay cash or trade for tadem flight?

I believe Juanita has a new design for her shirts this year she has been showing around with a two thumbs up yes we like it response. Still kicking around a few BBQ & food items yet, but that will be sorted out shortly. We'll have iced sodas and water in coolers under the shade structure.

Extra chairs & Easy Ups for more shade are always welcomed and encouraged to bring out. Those that run shuttles will be running multiple rides as demand requires. Pilots are always encouraged to ride pool when they can.

There should be a flier coming out this week with a little more information, but this is just a reminder to save the date.

Volunteers are always welcomed and encouraged to help out with an event like this. Please let us know if you are able pitch in and help.

Fly Safe!