Fall Club Meeting

Date: 10-25-2014 Time: 9:00 am. AJX Shade Structure

This is just a reminder of this Saturday's meeting.
This is a rain or shine event.

A few things on the agenda so far.

Radio project update.
Upcoming projects.
Marshall launch RR ties repairs.
Launch Cleanups: Crestline & Marshall
LZ maintenance: fill in holes, seeding, etc.
December Toy Drive for Fire Dept. (form committee)
The forming of committees for future Fly-Ins.
A Regional Directors USHPA update ?
Site monitors.
Treasurer's report.
Visiting pilot use fees
Lifetime membership
Possible WW demo day (2015) ?

See you Saturday!


We will have several members of Wills Wing present at our meeting. This is just to give us an outline for the possible event that may take place in 2015 at our site. Andy Jackson Airpark is the home flying site for Wills Wing, and has been for many years. We as well as them would like to showcase our site to others. We invite you to come join your club events. See You Saturday! Fly Safe

A Big Thanks to all that came out early for our fall meeting. Overall, everyone agreed it was productive with the 2 hour meeting. Sorry for the late update, I 've been out licking my wounds from a recent, much needed rotator cuff repair surgery. All went well & I should be back in the air by February.

So, some of what was talked & decided upon.

The Shade Structure Radio project is almost done with Tim Ward heading up that project. Roof painting of call numbers still to be done.

Marshall launch Rail Road tie fencing & hang launch repairs to be done this winter with a few work parties.

We are asking for several volunteers to help with the toy drive for the local fire dept. Check the recent posting titled Spark of Love toy drive. Let us know if you can help out with that.

We asked for & found a volunteer to head up a group of people to adopt the LZ grass ongoing maintenance. Our very own Chris Hast will be heading up that project. If you would like to help out, let us know & we'll put you in contact with Chris. This would include some fertilizing, seeding as needed, filling in low spots & holes as needed, sprinkler head management. This may include raising, cleaning, adjusting, etc. the irrigation system.

For all you who have been on our lawn mowing team over the years & are continuing to help us with that on a weekly basis, You are greatly appreciated as well.

We were presented & voted on a 2015 Wills Wing demo day here at our flying field for the end of April, 2015. This is an annul event Wills puts on usually on the east coast that they want to bring to the west coast for 2015. It's a 4 day event that runs Thursday thru Sunday of the chosen weekend.

Our very own Kathy Rhodes volunteered to be our club liaison between us & Wills Wing to help them with this event. We also had a show of hands with club members with about 18 people willing to volunteer their time helping as needed. Please contact Kathy if you would be willing to help out with this upcoming event.

We heard from our very own Dan DeWeese on the current ongoing of our USHPA organization. Thank You Dan!

Life Time Membership. It was brought up by one of our members that we have several members that have over 30 years of service to this club & it's members. Rob & Dianne McKenzie have given countless hours of their time & efforts to help bring this club & flying facility to what it is today.  It was brought to a vote & unanimous  that Rob & Dianne will join Juanita Jackson as  CSS life time members. Thank You Juanita, Rob & Dianne!

On another note, we will be having our own CSS 2015 elections coming soon. If you would like to have your name added to the 2015 ballot, please let us know. That ballot will be coming out shortly on this web site . We have added a few new names to it so far.

That's it for now .




Also discussed was the former fridge. After discussion, it was suggested that the matter be presented as a ballot initiative to let the club members decide.

We're bringing back the refrigerator due to popular demand.

A few rules go with as before.

Water & sodas will be available for a small donation to the club.

No personal food stored in it at anytime.

Food kept in refrigerator will be for that day activities.

Fly ins & day BBQ's as they pop up.

All food left in refrigerator after the days events will be discarded.

No Alcohol at any time can be kept in refrigerator.