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Crestline Soaring Society

The Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club for San Bernardino, CA, USA

The CSS is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) which exists to serve the foot-launched flying community in the San Bernardino Mountains - Crestline & Marshall Peak in particular - and Southern California and beyond in general.

We encourage you to come and be a part of one of the premier flying sites the world has to offer.

Paraglider and Hang Gliders Flying at Crestline


Pleasant Place To Be


Here's a nice comment we got by email about the AJX LZ grass:

We were out on Monday, test flying 29 gliders.  It makes for a long day.  I remarked at the time, as I almost always do, what an incredibly inviting and pleasant place the LZ is, and what a tremendous difference the grass has made in my personal quality of life, and the enjoyment I get when I’m out there. I am so impressed with the accomplishments and the positive energy that is generated by the club members, and so thankful to have this amazing resource in my backyard.

Former CSS Member Visits AJX and Reflects


Steve Jolicoeur posted on the CSS Facebook page:

"Hi CSS pilots, Today, June and [I] stopped by AJ flight park for the first time in 16 years as we traveled from Tahoe to Coachella. WOW, what great site improvements! About 18 years ago, we were there when the lumber arrived for the shade shelter that Gary had plans to build. After unloading lumber, we worked on building it with Gary, stacking the roof, drilling and bolting it together. Back then, there was a core group of us maintaining the roads, weed wacking launches and rolling out carpets. As we sat there in the LZ reminiscing of a thousand great Marshall flights, we were very impressed with the GRASS, concrete, power, water and a strapped down outhouse on a concrete platform! Stood that thing back up from the santa ana's a few times. What a club!! The only thing better than flying Marshall/Crestline is the camaraderie of this great group of pilots!!! "

Thanks for posting the reminder, Steve!



People fly Crestline seven days a week, weather permitting, so it is usually easy to get site information and a ride up the hill. This website's Pilot's Forum is a good means of getting current information, if you can plan in advance or have web access while here. There are a few flight schools which operate nearly every day and they are good sources of information for visiting pilots and for obtaining day memberships and sign-offs if needed.


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