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Semi-Annual General Membership Meeting
22 April 2017, 10:30 AM · Agenda To Be Posted

2-22-2017: You can phone the Windtalker and get the correct wind direction but reported speeds are 1/3-1/2 of actual.
909-589-5009 (temporarily) 909 338 3362

The website weather graphs are accurate.

Crestline Soaring Society

The Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club for San Bernardino, CA, USA

The CSS is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) which exists to serve the foot-launched flying community in the San Bernardino Mountains - Crestline & Marshall Peak in particular - and Southern California and beyond in general.

We encourage you to come and be a part of one of the premier flying sites the world has to offer.

Paraglider and Hang Gliders Flying at Crestline


Fly In July 11 contests and call for volunteers


I'll be officiating / judging the spot landing and bomb drop this coming Saturday July 11.

Also If you'd like to volunteer to help, contact Kathy Rhodes.

Also needed is someone to act as site monitor. Pilot member preferred.

Spot landing contest begins at 4 pm. Bomb drop 1pm.

Hang Gliding Reserve Clinic

Hosted by High Energy Sports and Crestline Soaring Society, July 19th (Sunday) from 9am to 1pm, location in Highland, CA, $70 fee paid to Crestline Soaring Society on the day of the clinic. Sign up at http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/flytandem/Reserve-Clinic . Use the same log-in name/password as you would for online shuttle bookings.

Clinic to include:

EXPIRED 7/25/15 - Lake Fire TFR Through Aug. 1, 2015


7/25/15 - Appears to have EXPIRED

There is a large area of restricted airspace around the site of the 2015 Lake Fire near Mt. San Gorgonio that will be in effect until 1 August, 2015.

No unauthorized aircraft may operate within the boundaries of the polygon below 13,000' MSL.

Revised NOTAM

Demo Days Are Here... Welcome Visiting Pilots!

Hey Gang,

The next five days we will be hosting a group of fellow pilots from around the world. We would invite you, current members of The Crestline Soaring Society to help Welcome all visiting pilots to our flying community.

If you could give a Site Intro, Directions to Launch, Rides to Launch, Cross Country routes, Favorite local Restaurants, local bike rides, hikes, sites to see, etc..


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