2016 WILLS WING Demo Days

Friday April 29th thru Sunday May 1st 2016

    at Andy Jackson Airpark

Demo Schedule:

CSS demos officially kick-off on Friday morning. Steve will be in the LZ on Thursday afternoon and, if the weather cooperates, we might be able to schedule a few demos in the late afternoon.

Steven and Mike will be in the LZ on Friday/Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 am with a pilots meeting at 9:00 am to schedule events for the day.

Make sure you attend the 9:00 meeting on any day that you want to demo a glider.

Is there going to be a BBQ or pot luck something on Saturday evening?


The main event will be Saturday with an original movie from David Aldrich and a Fly In style meal with burritos, tacos or salads for sale in the evening. On Friday night it would be fun to have a pot luck. There will not be a formal tent and caterer like last year so participation is welcome. If you would like to add to the meal schedule, bring snacks, provide Friday night entertainment please feel free to contact me.


Wills Wing may have additional events depending on the weather, the interest and the time.

Word is that there will be morning and late-afternoon demo rounds, first come, first served.  No advance sign-ups.

Look for notice of a time for a morning pilot's meeting and be there.

i was planning to demo a sport2 135, but one thing led to another and now i have a sport2 135. Great wing; hot enough for the job. And i own the best Falcon 4 on the planet, so hmm, what the heck, i'll go further in the low AR direction. Dibs on the Alpha 180 demo ; ) Aint gonna set an XC record but bet it handles really nice.

DHG take a S2C Glass Wing one afternoon on Saturday April 30 or Sunday May 1 

( Pls Ken/Steve save my(DHG) name on listing => April 30 or May 1 ( Weather Permission )


Update April 27, 2016  

DHG  decide have downgrade to Falcon 170 v4 ( Glass Wing ) from S2C glass wing on Saturday 


No plan, no schedule? It's April/May, prime flying in Southern California and you want us to just show up and maybe wait an hour, maybe wait all day.

Thank you, but no.  I'll fly my own glider.