What's the difference between hang gliding and paragliding?

A paraglider is a ram air inflatable wing and the pilot sits in a harness in a reclined position (like a chair). Hang gliders have an aluminum frame and fiberglass batons and the pilot lies in a flat, belly-down position. Both can be foot or tow launched.

Can visiting pilots use Andy Jackson Airpark?

Absolutely! We welcome pilots from all over the world to come fly with us. We do require that visiting pilots join the CSS. All membership dues help the CSS maintain its launches and LZs, host fly-ins, and support other free flight events in the area.

How do I get a ride to the launches?

People fly CSS sites seven days a week, weather permitting, so it is usually very easy to get site information and a ride up the hill. CSS members have teamed up to offer rides for hang gliders and paragliders. More information and other options for getting rides up to launch can be found here.

Is powered paragliding or hang gliding allowed?

Only foot-launched, non-powered free flight is allowed at all CSS sites.