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The ” regional forester” lacks the legitimate authority to decree and enforce any closure of public land.  Nor does he have even a name in the media at this point.  Let’s give him a name, and determine whether   the closure is legal, and justified before licking boots.  MMMK?

Randy Moore is the “Pacific Southwest Regional Forester” and self proclaimed environmentalist responsible for the closure, and idiotic policies aligned with the anthropogenic CO2 emission global warming hoax.  This asshole is a propaganda parrot, and has no authority to impose a closure of public land and no authority to use USFS personal as law enforcement, for a law that doesn’t exist.

He’s merely a self proclaimed voodoo high priest of an illegitimate cult of authority.


” climate change” is the dog whistle for useful idiots like mr. Moore who can’t keep their lying propaganda campaigns straight.  The issue is man caused warming from CO2 emission and there’s no evidence anywhere in the public domain that proves man’s insignificant emission of a trace gas is the primary driver of global temperature regulation processes.