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The 2.7% mortality rate isn’t  infected mortality rate,  defined as all infections over all dead.   It’s likely confirmed fatality rate, part of the misinformation and false comparisons to influenza fed to ignorant masses by the media.

Decades of influenza mortality data in the US :   https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html

confirmed in the JP Sears video, flu IFR is 0.1%

The CDC and WHO changed the death reporting to include ‘ with covid” as ” from covid” in March this year, making the numbers reported useless.


An accurate accounting and comparison of death from influenza vs.  covid doesn’t include deaths from 2.6 other factors for covid. Decades of history on flu shows 25,000,000 -45,000,000 are infected annually.  CDC lists sars cov2 infected only 6 million in the US this year.  JP Sears quotes CDC data for the most vulnerable demographic, 70+ year olds the IFR is 0.05%.