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“Ended up landing less than 10 yards from him. It all ended well, but I did express my annoyance… ”

A couple things are obvious, for example, 10 yards is 30 feet, and the LZ is 500′ X 500′, so what about the other 470 feet of flat, grass covered ground. Intermediate rating requires competence to hit a 50′ landing radius consistently and there’s over 400′ of available LZ in your example.    If you’re fixating on the spot landing cone in traffic in the landing approach and getting emotional about not getting to land exactly where you wanted to land, you’re an emotional basket case and a liability and have no business suggesting policy until you get your emotional issues worked out, on a professional psych counselors couch, because you’re going to hurt yourself, or other people if you don’t get that problem under control.

Two, the hang glider is always right is an idiotic perspective, lose it,  and you might gain some credibility.