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That’s two helicopter ” rescues” in as many days,  where the ” pilot” is released at the LZ, like the emergency helicopter crew is their Uber shuttle, in under a week.  One from plain old noob incompetence, the other over confidence and bad pre flight.

I call it self indulgent sack of potatoes abusing the privilege of high speed mobile telecommunications and the convenience of an expensive tax payer funded helicopter emergency medical rescue response.

When I called and spoke with the San Berdoo air rescue watch commander, he asserted they don’t have a problem responding to non injury rescues of paraglider pilots in the shrubbery, and let him know I recovered Jai Pal’s glider and gear, at night, without night vision, and know exactly what the brush on the backside of Marshall’s is all about.

This is not going to end well when it’s discussed at board meetings where the CSS isn’t there, and paragliding is held accountable for the expense at the state budget policy level in Sacramento, or downtown San Berdoo at the county supervisor.