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What is weak, is to follow an order without evaluating whether it’s lawful, or not. What is weak is following orders, without question, when those orders strip you of your right to travel, conduct business, or pursue happiness.

What is weak minded, is believing a mass media engaged in deception and failed accusations, since November 2016.

There is no data supporting the state closure, or county stay home directives. The CDC and Anthony Fauci and the media have presented a false narrative, that CV19 is some kind of  lethal virus, when it’s no more lethal or infectious than influenza.   The media has hyped CV19 numbers, and never presented a valid comparison to any common disease, allowing the American people to make their own informed decision. All the media publishes is big scary numbers, when the data is manipulated to produce a false claim of >5% CV19 mortality.

There are decades of influenza mortality data published by the CDC that show how medical science calculates mortality ratio. That ratio in CDC publication is dead/total estimated cases. For example influenza mortality burden 2017, 18 lists  61,000 deaths,  45 million estimated cases in the US, = 0.00135, or  0.1% mortality.

The CDC hype published as of a week ago, >1,050, 000 ” confirmed cases” and >64,000 dead to fabricate their >5% mortality ratio.   This is departure  from mortality ratio SOP, and apples to oranges comparison, useless for making an informed decision, by design and intent.  It’s deception, that only works on the willfully ignorant.

Don’t be ignorant.

My recent experience with Alan Thoe convinces me more than ever, only really stupid people buy into this scam, and pretend mindless compliance to unlawful, and unjustified political decrees, is some kind of virtue.  Nope, sorry.  Compliance with Newsom’s stay at home order is no different than being a ” good German” while nazis wiped out the poles, gypsies and Jews.  As a result, I am no longer going to do any repair or sewing work for anyone who is now, or did during the fabricated ” crisis”  advertising, promoting, or complying with the California  CV19 quarantine scam.

If you were alive in Germany, in 1938, and you  currently advertise your support for CV19 quarantine, you would be the perfect prison camp guard, supporting government propaganda, doing your part for the state.  That’s FUBAR, and you get what you deserve.