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Reply to Peter Swanson, ” Mitch I did not choose to stay earthbound because of a law.”

Yeah you did, if not because of legislation, your actions were driven by ignorance, which is worse.

There is no data supporting the California quarantine order or the media hype.  CV19 is no more infectious or lethal than influenza. The media , Anthony Fauci and CDC are presenting a false narrative and  abusing mortality ratio reporting SOP to produce a deception, and legislation based on a pack of lies.

Influenza mortality burden for 2017,18 published by the CDC lists 61,000 deaths, 45 million estimated cases in the US,  = 0.00135, or a 0.1% mortality ratio.

As of around a week ago, CDC listed >64,000 dead,  1,050,000 ” confirmed cases”  to produce the claimed >5% mortality for CV19.    If the same ratio is used for influenza, to start, there is no comparative data of ” confirmed cases” for influenza, so there can’t be any valid comparison in the media, so there isn’t.   Two, if   it’s assumed ” confirmed cases” means a hospital visit, implying a lab test, then the CDC published 810,000 hospitalizations  in 2017,18 and influenza mortality ratio would be  7%.

There are two recent studies, one in Santa Clara county, California, 3,300 patient sample revealed there is 50, to 80X more asymptomatic, and mild symptom CV19 cases, than the CDC is reporting.


“2.49% to 4.16% of people in Santa Clara Country had been infected with Covid-19 by April 1.”

When the mortality ratio denominator increases by 50 to 80 times, CV19 fails to meet any threshold of dangerous infection rate, or mortality rate, when decades of influenza mortality show 13% – 15%  of the US is infected with influenza, annually.