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Robert-Roy Stewart. Define hypocrite. If you don’t want to engage in a non flying dialog, you fucked up by showing up here, whining about this thread. I get the idea you’re not comfortable in any role other than blind acceptance and compliance with Newsom’s stay at home decree.
It’s my opinion that men like you are not men, because it’s the responsibility of a man to learn the truth, and not simply obey authority without question, as you seem to advocate.
You were presented with a great deal of data and qualified opinion, and you chose to complain and suggest this kind of information is not acceptable, when it’s relevant to the operation of the flight park.
Your participation is basically a really lame, sideways attempt to control dialog when it doesn’t toe the government media pandemic fear factory doom circus line.
THat’s what I call a willfully ignorant boot licker.
Maybe a sport like hang gliding isn’t for you, because it requires thinking outside the box and dealing with chaos on a daily basis.
Maybe whining about public policy dialog isn’t an adult level of participation in a dialog about policy that directly effects flight park operations.