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The meeting place is  on the 74 above the Ortega Oaks market at the top of the paved wide spot across the street.  Landing can be either in the field behind the market, or along grand ave. in front of O’Hara’s bar, in the field parallel to grand ave.   The field behind the market is the old traditional LZ, but there’s a hostile relationship with the land owner and they’re keeping the fence intact and it requires dealing with  6 foot of chain link to get out. AFAIK, there aren’t arrests , or calls being made for landing, they just keep the fence up to prevent cars driving onto the property, both pilots, and the homeless that have been camping at the upper end of the field.

The field in front of Ohara’s has been the post flight debriefing stop, afaik, there hasn’t been any issues with parking in the field along grand ave and  breaking gliders down in front of the bar.