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This is another reason the USHPA leadership is worthless, and a detriment to the sport we created.

” Pilots should continue adhering to all federal/state/local/landowner and CDC guidelines and restrictions.”

That’s called boot licking, and unquestioning obedience to authority.   With this kind of attitude, the FAR103 exemption never would have happened.  With this kind of guidance, all the small time and part time  paragliding and hang gliding schools are dead, until the liars at the state governor’s office decide to decree we can all continue to pursue business  and happiness, as if it was ever up to them.

In the very next sentence USHPA executive management declares their incompetence,  “….hospitals in some areas may …”  Speculative fiction is not a basis for competent leadership.     Hospitals in California were never anywhere close to overwhelmed, on the contrary, LA had 60% of their beds staffed, equipped and vacant  from early march to date.  The fear factory doom circus has resulted in a spike in suicide and patients not seeking care for fear of contracting CV19, resulting in more severe symptoms when they do show up at the hospital.