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“It’s a hundred bucks or don’t fly.”   Ward needs to STFU, and or try and stop me from landing at AJX. I’d like to review Andy Jackson’s original charter and see where he wanted a nazi pigfucker like Ward to dictate policy at the site.

If morons like Ward actually gave a shit about keeping and growing membership there would be a dialog about how to give out 30 day temp memberships for visiting pilots, and a process and procedure for welcoming pilots who don’t ” ask in advance ” for permission to fly here.    As if the club policy should be designed like a parent scolding children for not asking in advance for permission to hang glide.  Idiots who suggest an authoritarian policy come from a perspective of a career public employed moron, where the state coerces participation in your ” business”  and little hitlers like Ward, pretend that perspective works in voluntary small business.  It doesn’t, and Ward needs to STFU and someone who understands promoting and encouraging participation with a program of attraction needs to be involved in setting public policy at the CSS.

In addition, I hear rumor there is a lawsuit about the CSS and the USHPA RRG, curious if anyone here knows anything about it.