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I was sent an email “AJX Approach Patterns”  addressed to me only.

Who sent me this?  Why was this addressed to me specifically?    If you have a problem with my landing approach,  explain exactly what was unsafe about my approach and landing.     I am unwilling to compromise my safety or the safety of my passenger, because some noob, or some fearful psychopathic authoritarian perceives potential danger where none specifically existed.  My last tandem PG landing was mid day with one hang glider in the pattern, and zero potential conflict.  Someone yelled at me after I landed, but was too chicken shit to actually walk over and speak to me and explain what was problematic about my approach and landing.    Don’t pretend this is addressing a problem where none existed.
Just because someone complains, doesn’t mean there is a problem.  It means people complain, and pretend there are problems to attempt to elevate themselves to positions of power and authority when they don’t deserve either and should never be trusted with power or authority.
Separation rules exist to address traffic in the landing pattern, when pilots can’t work out a landing approach without help or advice.  I have never asked for, nor do I want anyone’s advice on how to land safely at Andy Jackson flight park, if the CSS leadership cannot specifically address safety issues with my approach and landing it doesn’t help anyone to send out nebulous general safety advisories.

Mitchell McAleer