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Pidgeon holing all acceptable PG landing approaches into the area over the ranch RV parking is myopic, and ignores several real issues, 1, it’s more dangerous and requires descending at low  AGL over the power lines and parking lot. 2. it’s often lifty over the steeper slope above the LZ and I witnessed an injury accident on a Mojo after a low AGL  > 60% asymmetric collapse just behind the candy cane vent.   3. It’s unwise to put PG’s over the windward side of the power lines and parking lot, merely because HG’s can’t work out traffic with other pilots. My last approach and landing was over the windward end of the field, upwind of the kiting area, and landing near the cones marking the downwind end of the kiting area, while a hang glider was in the HG traffic pattern. There was no possible conflict, but some chicken shit HG pilot breaking down still yelled at me after I landed.   what’s up with that?