Early on the morning of October 26, 2020, 70mph wind gusts tore the roof off of the aging shade structure and tossed it down the hill into the parking lot. The winds continued after the initial mayhem and picked the roof back up one more time, moving it to yet another area of the parking lot. In an amazing stroke of luck, the weather station that was attached to the roof survived (still in operation to this day over 2 years later). It continued to “report” even though it had a roof on top of it. The wind didn’t budge the shipping container that made up part of the structure, but when all was said and done – no more shade for this shade structure.

AJX Shade Structure Destroyed


We Can Rebuild It

The CSS members all knew that we must rebuild, so rebuild we must. The flying site is blessed with a unique microclimate that provides year-round flying with an unheard-of amount of flyable days per year, but unfortunately its location guarantees very hot temperatures in the summer time. Long stretches of 100F+ temps are common, so escaping the sun and heat while waiting to fly is imperative. After much debate on an approach and design, a path forward was set in motion, calls for donations and manpower were put out, and the work began. Like the two previous iterations of the shade structure, the new Shade Pavilion is member designed, member funded, and member built – something the club membership should be proud of.

The Shade Pavilion now stands in the footprint of its predecessors, albeit a bit larger. Its curved beams and roof shade pilots and spectators with its impressive area and smooth airfoil shape. When the sun goes down, new overhead LED lighting (added after the photo below was taken) lends visibility to after-flight festivities.


What’s Next?

It ain’t over, till it’s over! The Shade Pavilion has come a long way since work began, but the CSS needs your continued support and donations to bring it across the finish line. The long-term plan includes:

  1. Re-poured slab underneath the new store-front, which will house a classroom, meeting room, and computer equipment roomdone!
  2. New air-conditioned store-front;
  3. Rebuilt kitchen;
  4. Re-poured concrete slab underneath the whole structure;
  5. Concrete stairs;
  6. Solar panels and battery system for electrical power; and
  7. Actual bathrooms (bye-bye, porta-potties in the parking lot).

As they say, nothing in this life is free, so if you want to help push AJX from great into epic territory, please donate what you can. The CSS is a registered 501c(3) and your donations are tax-deductible. We appreciate your continued generosity and support!

Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Help us bring the Shade Pavilion across the finish line! With your tax-deductible donations, we can continue to create a world-class LZ.

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