Some of you have forgotten which bin you’re in or where your glider has gone! Best we can do is the last manual audit. If you’re unsure of which bin your equipment is in (for those that already have storage) and the audit doesn’t help, please verify in person BEFORE purchasing your storage (that will save a lot of time reassigning them). The audit is ONLY A GUIDE - if you know your gear is on a shelf different than what's in the spreadsheet, please buy the correct shelf. Note that the bins are numbered from RIGHT to LEFT.

General information for renting a storage shelf at Andy Jackson Airpark

  • Membership: You must be a current CSS member in good standing.
  • Cost: The annual fee is $100.00 (+ $10 for first time sign-up). Exception: If you choose to store your glider on a top shelf (shelf 8 or 7 depending on bin), the cost is $50.
  • Payment: Please purchase your HG storage shelf here, or if you would like to purchase a PG/gear bin, those can be purchased here. Select your preferred bin/shelf/location from the available options and complete your purchase.
  • Liability: The Crestline Soaring Society cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of property that is placed in the storage containers.  Pilots are storing their equipment at their own risk.  Any pilot storing equipment in the storage containers acknowledges this liability statement.
  • Visitors: CSS has two shelves in bin 3 (second bin from the left) that are available to visitors. They are the two lower shelves in the front, right section of the bin (3-FR-1 and 3-FR-2).
  • Bin Numbers: Bins are numbered from RIGHT to LEFT (when facing the front of the bins).


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a CSS member to participate?

Yes. Only CSS Associate and Regular members are eligible to purchase HG or equipment storage.

What do I get when I purchase storage?

Purchase of HG storage entitles the purchaser to a shelf that is capable of handling 2 hang gliders. Purchase of equipment storage entitles the purchaser to space on a shelf that is approximately 1/4 the size of an HG storage shelf (capable of handling one large PG rucksack, a gear bag for HG gear, or a medium-sized cooler).

I bought a shelf a long time ago, but forgot which one. What do I do?

Since we’re now fully electronic in our record keeping (and since this used to be done mostly on paper), some of you may have forgotten or “lost” which bin/shelf you bought. Best we can do at the moment is to offer the last manual audit taken of the bins. PDF here. Didn’t find what you needed in the audit PDF? Send an email to BEFORE YOU PURCHASE and we’ll help track down your shelf. Note that the bins are numbered from RIGHT to LEFT.

How do I choose a shelf?

Any shelf that is available to be selected on the website can be purchased. The available shelf and storage bin that you select is up to your personal preference.

May I share my shelf with a friend if I only have one wing?

Yes. Sharing is OK.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. If you choose a top shelf, the cost is 50% off the regular price ($50 for the year).

I am a visiting pilot. May I store my wing for a few days?

Yes. Visitor shelves are available for visiting pilots at no cost.