Regionals launch sits at approximately 3400′ MSL and is located on the Cloudland Truck Trail (2N40) north-northeast of AJX. There is ample room to set up and launch several paragliders and hang gliders and is an easy glide to AJX.

Pilots must familiarize themselves with this information before arriving, and this information DOES NOT replace the need for an in-person site briefing from a local pilot or instructor familiar with the area.

Visiting Pilots: All launches and LZs require a P3/H3 rating or above. Visitors NOT meeting P3/H3 requirements must schedule instruction or observation with a local instructor before arriving.

  • Minimum ratings: Intermediate (P3/H3). Read the General Site Guidelines for exceptions.
  • GPS Coordinates: 34.2095, -117.3200. View Map.
  • Type: Slope Launch.
  • Altitude: 3391′ MSL.
  • Orientation: S, SSE.
  • Best conditions: Light SSE winds (0-10 mph for PG, 0-15 for HG).
  • Glide ratio to AJX: 3.5:1.
  • Vehicle access: Dirt road (2WD vehicles with moderate clearance OK).


Local Conditions & Hazards

High Wind and Gusty Wind Conditions


The Regionals Launch can be susceptible to gusty winds and high winds. Pilots are advised to consider their launching technique and experience before launching in these conditions. HG pilots are encouraged to use a wire man and obtain launch assistance during periods of high winds or gust spreads. Simply being able to launch does not imply that “the worst is over,” as the thermic air may be rougher than the pilot wants to manage. More information on when rough air can be expected is available here.


Regionals Caution


The drop off is steep, so that pilots who mislaunch may roll down the hill.


Additional Launch Hazards & Obstacles


  • The entire Marshall front range is a key thermal generator and can see extreme mid-day thermic conditions. There have been instances of gliders getting turned back into the hill and paraglider collapses close to the terrain.
  • Wildlife danger – snakes, mountain lions, bears.
  • Thunderstorms can develop, particularly in the spring and fall which can lead to gust fronts. Be on the lookout for a “wall of dust” on days with towering cumulus.

Setup & Launching

Pilots should set up across the road (north) from the launch area.

Driving Directions

Take Cloudland Truck Trail (2N40) up from AJX. It is a dirt road – use caution while driving.

Last Revised: March 12, 2021

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