Mentone is not a CSS site – this information is provided as a courtesy for local and visiting pilots looking for information.

Pilots must familiarize themselves with this information before arriving, and this information DOES NOT replace the need for an in-person site briefing from a local pilot or instructor familiar with the area.

  • Minimum ratings: Intermediate (P3/H3). Read the General Site Guidelines for exceptions.
  • GPS Coordinates: 34.1025, -117.1073 (LZ); 34.1188, -117.1126 (Spine Launch); 34.1196, -117.1106 (Bump Launch). View Map.
  • Type: Dirt/gravel LZ (LZ); Short flat slope launch (Spine Launch); Short flat slope launch (Bump Launch).
  • Altitude: 1869′ MSL (LZ); 3160′ MSL (Spine Launch); 3365′ MSL (Bump Launch).
  • Orientation: Any (LZ); SSW (Both launches).
  • Best conditions: Ideal is SSW wind, but this site is often flyable when winds are light north at Crestline and Marshall. Use caution when flying in leeside conditions, as winds can change suddenly and unexpectedly. It is best when flown at 3 pm or after (not noon), when wind gets organized from the valley. If the winds are enough to ridge soar, do not launch as it is rotor. You just want a 5 mph breeze.
  • Vehicle access: Dirt road (2WD vehicles with moderate clearance OK).

Citations: Launch and site condition information supplied by Jérôme Daoust. Further information available on his website here.

Last Revised: December 8, 2020

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