Address in 911 database:

Andy Jackson Airpark
6191 Badger Canyon
San Bernardino, CA 92407


Emergency radio frequency: 145.555


In the event of an emergency, the on-site safety officer shall:

  • Determine if a 911 call is necessary and if so, delegate someone to call 911
  • If 911 is called, delegate someone else to drive to and meet with emergency responders to assist in guiding them into the location of the accident. The driver must remain in communication with the communication center (see #3.)
  • For Andy Jackson Airpark – The intersection of Devils Canyon road (also called Northpark Blvd depending on which direction you are coming from) and Campus Pkwy.
  • For Marshall Launch – The intersection of 2N40 and highway 18.
  • For Crestline Launch – not necessary.
  • Set up a communications center or communications person.
  • The north side of the Airpark shade structure is recommended for the landing zone. There is a 2 meter radio installed and pre-tuned to 145.555
  • Establish contact with the two launches, Marshall and Crestline, if possible. Use cell phones if possible or radio frequency 145.555
  • Make sure everyone at the location you are at is aware of the communications center and its location and what emergency it is set up for.
  • Send out a rescue party if necessary.
  • Communication center should be made aware of rescue operations and relay that information to other centers. Communication center should know who is being sent and what their intended route is. Rescue party should carry cell phones, 2 meter radio (145.555) and first aid kit if possible.
  • At least one member of the rescue party should have a current first aid CPR card.


The White X

The CSS maintains a large, white vinyl X, rolled up and stored on the north side of the LZ storage container/shade structure. In the event that the CSS needs to clear the airspace of gliders to make room for emergency response vehicles (this usually includes air lift helicopters and fire fighting airplanes and helicopters,) or for any other reason, the X shall be rolled out on the paraglider landing spot in the landing zone. This is a signal to all pilots to land as soon as is safe to do so or not launch. Pilots in the air are also suggested to do big ears (for paragliders) or drop your legs (for hang gliders.) This is a signal to other pilots that they need to land as soon as is safe to do so. The White X shall remain in place until such a time that the on site safety officer determines that it is safe to resume flying activities.


Emergency Helicopter Traffic

Occasionally an emergency situation requires assistance from police, med-evac, or Search and Rescue helicopters. The emergency may be unrelated to CSS flight operations. If one of these helicopters is flying in the vicinity of the CSS site then all pilots should start heading towards AJX. If the emergency helicopter operations persist then all pilots should land and someone at AJX should deploy the White-X.



If there is a fire IN THE MOUNTAINS within 5 miles of the LZ we must land immediately. Also if the fire is more than 5 miles away, do not fly to within 5 miles of the closest edge of the fire. Additionally if a fire has been burning for more than a few hours, there is a good chance that the FAA has created a temporary flight restriction (TFR) that overrides our self imposed 5 mile radius. To determine if a TFR exists, call 1-(800)-WX-BRIEF and ask for notams and if any TFR’s exist that affect us in our flying area which is 7 miles NW of San Bernardino Airport.

* The on site safety officer is the current elected Safety Director. If they are not present then the next available board member will assume this role. If no board member is present then someone must be designated the on site safety officer.


GPS Coordinates

  • Andy Jackson Airpark: 34.193476, -117.324018
  • The 750 Launch: 34.199954, -117.316962
  • Regionals Launch: 34.209530, -117.319962
  • Marshall Launch: 34.210127, -117.302744
  • Crestline Launch: 34.236186, -117.313280
  • Crestline Bailout LZ: 34.212545, -117.329536
  • Intersection of 2N40 and Highway 18: 34.224549, -117.299657


Local Hospitals

St. Bernardine Medical Center
2101 N Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92404

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
400 N Pepper Ave, Colton, CA 92324

Loma Linda University Medical Center
11234 Anderson St, Loma Linda, CA 92354


Last Revised: February 28, 2020