Date: 8/8/20

Present: Stan Barankiewicz, Jeff Bether, Dan DeWeese, Edward Wiggins, Tim Ward, Jana Pivkova, and David Webb

Absent: Jordan Neidinger

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 12:00
  • Agenda read by Edward Wiggins
  • Additional agenda items offered


  • Physical altercation
  • Member demand that we remove our weather station
  • Student membership requirements
  • Non-instructor teaching students
  • Added to Agenda
    • WiFi at LZ working poorly
    • Electric usage at LZ

Item 1: Physical altercation

The board discussed the witness and each party’s account of what took place. Unfortunately none of the board members witnessed enough of the incident to draw a conclusion as to who instigated or was most at fault. It was noted that both members being competitors may have fueled animosity between the two. It was not sure what was said to whom and with what kind of intensity. The need for a camera at the LZ was raised so we could have more evidence if such occurrences happened in the future. It was also noted that the incident alone would not be enough to justify suspending or terminating member’s membership and in light of his 1 month instructional suspension from USHPA, something less drastic should be done. Automatic termination for all members involved in physical altercations was proposed but was met with resistance from most of the board members as being unfair.

All members agreed that physical violence at the LZ should not be tolerated and would probably require suspension or termination of membership in the future. Member’s record with respect to complaints and confrontations was discussed as well as his long history of instruction as well. The board concluded that though there were many complaints against this member, the most important issue was his instructing his students to land on the hang glider side of the LZ because of the danger of collisions it created.

The board decided to write a letter to the member requesting that he come to a special board meeting to impress upon him the importance of training his students to land on the paraglider side of the field, to get his assurance that he will no longer tell his students to land on the hang glider side of the field, and to discuss possible consequences for his failure to do so. David volunteered to write the letter. A date for the meeting was suggested to be in two weeks though no official date was set as we were unaware of the member’s ability to attend.

Item 2: Member’s weather station demand

Member e-mailed David informing the board that if our weather station was not removed from his mast by 8/9/20 he would be forced to take it down himself as apparently the mast weight limit would be exceeded. David raised the point that the weather station was very light (less than 5 lbs) and was unlikely to cause the mast weight limit to be exceeded. There was considerable discussion regarding whose property the mast belonged to the member or the club. It seemed uncertain who was the owner. Jeff suggested we issue the member a warning not to interfere with club property and Tim suggested that we placate the member by moving the weather station onto the large main mast. Jana volunteered to handle communications with the member.

Item 3: Student membership requirements

Jana spoke to Stephen’s habit of requiring his students to purchase the limited (one month) membership as a prerequisite for instruction. David informed us that Jordan and Jerome were also doing the same. Tim told the board that he and Dan had previously not done so because their students were essentially under their membership/insurance coverage during instruction. The board agreed to seek uniformity among instructors and that requiring the one month membership as a minimum would be best for the club in terms of revenue and keeping track of student pilots, and would not be so costly as to deter potential students from signing up for lessons.

Item 4: Non-instructor teaching students

Member was taking a P2 under his wing and offering to mentor him however he allowed his student to launch in conditions that were not safe for a P2. Member does not have a USHPA instructor or mentor rating and the student did not have a CSS novice site sign off. David offered to draft and send member an email explaining why his actions were a safety issue and come to some agreement as to how he would proceed in the future.

Item 5: WiFi at the LZ

Jeff and others mentioned that the WiFi at the LZ has not been working well. No one seemed to have any idea what the problem was and it was suggested that someone get ahold of Kevin to have him figure it out.

Item 6: Electric usage at the LZ

Jeff noted that he has been unable to keep track of electric usage at the LZ since the device that does so needs an internet connection. Again Kevin’s name was mentioned as a possible person to help us with this issue.

Meeting Adjourned at 14:00

Next Meeting: 10/11/20