Date: 12/12/20

Present: Stan Barankiewicz, Jeff Bether, Edward Wiggins, Jana Pivkova, and David Webb

Absent: Jordan Neidinger, Tim Ward, Dan Deweese

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 12:00 by Ed Wiggins via Zoom
  • Agenda read by Edward Wiggins
  • Additional agenda items offered


  • Shade Structure
  • Safety complaints
  • Meeting protocols
  • Added to Agenda
    • Marshall windsock
    • Election committee
    • Special use permits

Item 1: Shade Structure

Stan opened by stating that the club is waiting on estimates for steel and other materials before we can move forward. Jai Pal has been preparing plans and sourcing materials for the project. Jeff raised his concerns that a steel structure would be more costly and suggested using steel posts but making most of the structure wood to keep the costs down. There were no objections to considering this possibility.  Jana pointed out that the previous structure lasted well over twenty years and that we could rebuild it in basically the same fashion.

Item 2: Safety Complaints

HG member recently ran over a paraglider’s wing in the kiting area.  The discussion was about what action should be taken if any.  It was pointed out that most pilots can or will make this mistake at some time. Ed pointed out that he had a recent overshoot of the LZ as well.  There seemed to be some disagreement as to why the overshoot happened. It was also pointed out that the HG member landed on the paraglider side of the LZ.   There was more discussion about past incidents involving that member. There was some concern that the complaints were not well founded and could be a result of personal animosity toward the member. This was based on personal observation of one of the incidents where the member was accused of running over a wire man on launch but the witness didn’t see what was complained of, in addition to the lack of members voicing their concerns. David spoke of the videos that were shown to him as proof of fault and that in those videos he could not see any wrong doing.

There was some discussion about the absence of USHPA guidelines, other than it should be the instructor who is responsible for the student and that the instructor has the option of pulling the student’s ratings.  It was pointed out that the member’s instructor is Dan and that Dan has taken steps to correct that member by explaining to him how he can fly safer and why his actions create danger for himself and others. It was noted that the member has made some effort to curb the offending behavior.

The question was asked as to what the bylaws stated as far as discipline for members who repeatedly break the safety rules.  The bylaws were read by Stan.  It was suggested to possibly add a three-strike rule. Stan pointed out that any change to the bylaws would require filings with the State and the IRS.  It was decided that more detailed guidelines for discipline should be made, potentially outside of the bylaws.

Item 3: Marshall Windsock

The windsock at Marshall’s launch was blown down and needs repair.  There was a discussion as to who to call to do the repair. Jana suggested putting out a call to the members for volunteers and/or suggestions.

Item 4: Election Committee

The election committee needed to be appointed by the President but this had not been done yet. David volunteered to be on the committee as he was stepping down and would not have a conflict.  Timing of notice to members and selection of a date for the election were discussed also discussed and expediency was emphasized as the process would take a minimum of 90 days from giving notice to members.

Item 5: Special Use Permits

Stan gave us an update on the process and informed us that the Forest Service was pleased with the idea and with our stewardship of the sites, and also pointed out that we would not be responsible for policing the launch sites but should inform the Forest Service if non-member pilots were using the sites.

Item 6: Meeting Protocols

Article X of The Club’s Bylaws only addresses general membership and special meetings, which require specified notices to members and are allowed to be attended by members. There are certain situations in which the Board must conduct a meeting without membership attendance, especially when considering discipline under Article XI. Thus, the Board agreed to propose an amendment to Article X to reflect when and how the Board can conduct a closed session. The proposed amendment will be drafted and presented to the members for a vote.

Meeting Adjourned at 14:15

Next Meeting: 2/13/21