Date: 2/25/21

Present: Stan Barankiewicz, Jeff Bether, Jana Pivkova, Jai Pal S. Khalsa, John Benario, Linda Salamone and Edward Wiggins

Absent: Tim Ward

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 20:00 by Ed Wiggins via Zoom
  • Agenda read by Edward Wiggins
  • Additional agenda items offered


  • Shade Structure
  • Gracie
  • Camping on site
  • Possible membership dues increase
  • Added to agenda
    • Site monitor

Item 1: Shade Structure

Jai Pal presented to the board various architectural design ideas and estimated costs for each design. Some discussion of the desired features that could be implemented into the structure such as a viewing deck were discussed, a Baja style shade structure, the use of canvas cloth with weather proofing and steal posts, and gluelam.

Also discussed were comments/concerns of members made on the CSS website forum, particularly the potential disruption of air flow coming from the west of the structure, the need for wind protection from the west and the potential for rotor effect which could be a problem for pilots landing on the lz. The viewing deck was a source of some contention as some members felt that this was not a necessary expense and could be a source of potential liability for the club, and others believed it would be worth the added expense/risk to have a viewing deck, ultimately it was determined to be an added expense/liability that was not vital to the project and the need to work with in our limited budget led the board to conclude that we should look for a cheaper alternative that could extend shade further into the glider break down and kitchen areas.

Item 2: Gracie

As Tim Ward was not present, the repair of “Gracie” the bulldozer was discussed only briefly, including how Gracie was acquired with the help of Free Flight Foundation and potentially seeking their help with it’s repair. Plans for repair will be discussed in our ongoing Slack meeting space and at the next offical board meeting.

Item 3: Campers at the LZ

Recently there has been an increase in overnight camping at the LZ. It was suggested that we re-introduce an overnight camping fee. All were in favor. There was some discussion as to the amount of the fee, amounts charged for these services in the past and the extent to which lz resources (restrooms, water, electric, etc) are being used by such individuals. Several members suggested amounts ranging from $5-$25, with most between the 5-10 dollar range.

Item 4: Membership Fee Increase

It was suggested to raise the member dues to $150 per annum. It was decided to keep member dues at the same rate for another year and attempt to raise capital for Gracie and the new shade structure by seeking donations through members and related organizations such as Free Flight Foundation.

Item 5: Safety/Pilot Ratings

The concern of pilots flying from Crestline with less than a H3/P3 rating was raised. Several examples of individuals flying from Crestline with inadequate rating and/or equipment that exceeded their ratings were discussed. Some suggestions were made, including having designated testing days every year so pilots who had achieved H2/P2 ratings could earn a higher rating that more acurately reflected their skills. No conclusion was reached as to a solution for this problem.

Item 6: Non-Member Pilots/Site Monitor

The need for someone to monitor the site on weekends and busy weekdays was raised as it appears that non-member pilots have been using the facilities without paying the day use fee or signing up. It was decided that the postion would have to be a volunteer position to avoid onerous state law requirements with respect to employer responsibilities toward employees. It was also determined that the site monitor should be one of the member pilots rather than a non-pilot/non-member.

Meeting Adjourned at 22:50

Next Meeting: 4/10/21