Date: 6/28/20

Present: Jeff Bether, Jordan Neidinger, Edward Wiggins, Jana Pivkova, and David Webb

Absent: Tim Ward, Jason Glade, Dan Deweese

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 11:00 by Jordan Neidinger via Zoom
  • Agenda read by Edward Wiggins
  • Additional agenda items offered


  • Instructor Box and class shade area
  • Weather station update
  • Director/VP nominations and schedule a vote
  • Added to Agenda
    • Insurance Coverage

Item 1: Instructor Box/ Shade Area

There was a brief discussion, as the issue was raised in the February meeting of the board, explaining some of the details of the proposal. The board voted unanimously to allow the instructors to pay for an instructor box and shade structure for use by and paid for by the instructors only which would be owned by CSS after a period of 8 years.

Item 2: Weather Station Update

David Webb provided information regarding the weather station being installed at Marshall Peak. The new station was up and running with no problems to report. David also purchased and installed a larger antenna for the station to improve reception. There was also some discussion as to replacing the AJX station as well although no conclusion was reached.

Item 3: Director/VP Nomination and Vote

The resignation of Jason Glade as Vice President and Director was received prior to the meeting. Possible replacements were discussed. Jana nominated Stan Barankiewicz. Stan’s professional background, history with CSS and willingness to accept the position were discussed. The board agreed that Stan would be a good choice for the position and then voted unanimously to offer the position to Stan.

Item 4: Insurance Coverage and Possible Liabilities

Jeff raised the additional item of insurance coverage due to an increase from the previous year’s rate. The possibility of finding another provider was discussed. Torrey Pines model was also discussed as a possible alternative.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:31

Next Meeting: 8/8/20