In 1977, the city of San Bernardino created an ordinance that prohibited hang gliding within city limits. In response, a local couple Andy and Juanita “‘Nita” Jackson, with two sons ages 7 and 11 bought in 1979, a 3.5 acre parcel at the north end of Pine Ave and created Pine Crest Air Park.

Andy died of cancer in 1985 and ‘Nita carried on Andy’s dream. In 1989 a Department of Water Resources expansion of the Devil’s Canyon afterbay brought to our attention the DWR’s intent to close our landing facility. The pilots and ‘Nita rallied around a single cause, to somehow convince the DWR to build a replacement LZ. As we know the result was the creation of a State owned, Federally required landing facility immediately named Andy Jackson Airpark. This effort would not have been successful without this legitimate landing facility, Pine Crest Air Park, in existence during this critical time.