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David Webb
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Yep – those are all great ideas, but likely would not work at AJX (just from a logistical/practical standpoint). For example, we discussed the sticker idea a while back, but a few things that might stand in the way of that working:

  • Pilots not wanting to put stickers on their gear
  • Someone would need to be on-hand to distribute them
  • The stickers would have to be purchased, printed out, and kept on hand somewhere accessible
  • Enforcement – a person would need to be on-hand to check

I had sent USHPA/RRG a request/suggestion through their local representation to find a way to push the message (maybe through USHPA instructors, publications like their magazine, etc) of the importance of doing some homework before flying a new site (reading site briefings) and not flying before an in-person site briefing. Maybe if there are others here that would request the same, that this issue would get some traction. Seems like a great article topic for USHPA mag.