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We already recommend that all visiting pilots get a site briefing before flying. Any pilot who cares about his/her safety should know that site briefings by local pilots are extremely invaluable.

Many local pilots are very happy to offer that info if asked, and we have a few instructors (HG and PG) who would be glad to offer good info, as long as they know ahead of time that you’re showing up. Schedule a site briefing either with them, or reach out to locals via this forum, or post about your planned visit on the facebook group here: Marshall/Crestline Free Flight Page

Nobody should be flying and landing at AJX without purchasing at least a limited CSS membership (which forces you to sign our waiver), and of course everyone landing at AJX is required to have a current USHPA membership.

The sticker idea,… it’s not a bad one, but it’s a bit tougher to distribute and enforce without someone being on site all day every day to make sure that people get their stickers and sign the waiver right away.

What if the pilot switches helmets, or borrows someone else’s helmet for the day? It would appear as though they did what they were supposed to do before flying, but maybe someone tried to save them $20.00 by loaning them theirs. Do we need to get different color stickers for the limited memberships depending on the month? Using one color all year long might make it appear as though they’re current. I suppose the expiration date could be written onto the sticker after purchase.

It seems like we already have a lot of these rules in place, it’s just that people have to be willing to understand why they’re there, and try to follow them for the good of the community as a whole.