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There is no perfect system and those bent on ignoring the rules and doing there own thing surely will. Funston doesn’t have a full time staff and yet they’re able to effectively police their site. Why? Because they have a system and a club membership willing to ask questions and enforce the rules. Why should we be different?

Stickers aren’t a perfect solution, but they could help. They would at least help identify persons who aren’t members or may not be familiar with AJX. True they may not prove a current membership, but if there were two kinds, annual stickers and temporary ones, you could at least distinguish between the two and ask a question. Few of us like to play cop, but if the alternative is accidents and loss of our flying site, we might just pony up.

I don’t believe a site brief by a local pilot hanging around the LZ is a guarantee of a good briefing. The site brief should be done by a mentor. Not necessarily an instructor (though all instructors should be mentors) but an experienced local pilot who’s received some instruction on how to give a brief. I would guess there are several dozen persons who could serve in this capacity. A list of mentors should be listed on our club’s website. The briefing should also be free of charge so as to provide no obstacle to anyone needing a briefing. Stickers and a log book could be kept on site with access granted to all mentors. It just doesn’t seem that hard to me.

I feel like I’m preaching to the choir here as its the same motivated folks who respond.  Though it’s not a particularly supportive choir as I hear a mostly negative tune. Of course there will be violations, and yes it will cost a few bucks, and it will absolutely be a challenge to get it going, but come on… we got a problem here. Let’s do something!