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Site briefings are free no matter who you talk to. I don’t think instructors charge for that. They only charge for a visiting P2 sign-off, because it requires them to watch the visiting P2 pilot fly 5 times at minimum, which can take all day due to the longer commute to any of our launches. If anyone needs a list of qualified people they can contact or meet with for a site briefing, it can be found right here: Instruction & Training

If you just show up on a random day at a random time to the LZ, you’ll have to call someone anyway, and a “mentor” will have to either do it over the phone, or drive out to meet with you if they’re not already there, because most people commute to AJX (sometimes as much as an hour or more).

There are at least two or three instructors nearby at all flyable times, because they’re out there for their students anyhow. You’re more likely to get one of them to show up, and they’re the most qualified about giving flying advice at our site. It just makes sense.

I’m not opposed to stickers if most people think it will solve some problems, it’s better than nothing, but again,… who can we trust to hand them out to every visitor? If we could pay someone to sit there at least a few hours a day every flyable day, it would be easier.

A physical log book on site might also be nice, though we kind of have that on this website. Everyone who flies must purchase at least a limited membership, which then makes their names and ratings appear on the “Member Directory” page. Any CSS member has access to this list of people, though stickers are certainly an easier way to figure out if someone signed the waiver or not.

We’re always looking for volunteers to make our site better, so if anyone would like to volunteer themselves to make some of these things happen, raise your hand. 🙂